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About Nano Spring
With the emerging concerns about water pollution, we start to put efforts in the field of water filtration. After conducting a lot research and development on the water filtration, we decided to develop filtration system that produces clean, safe and tasty natural alkaline water with high antioxidant and mineral rich. Nano Spring applied Leading Korea Technology by integrating NanoSilver and high grade activated carbon solid block for eliminating all types of germs and contaminants (impurities, sand, mud, chlorine, odour, heavy metal, pesticides, etc.)
Besides, nowadays people in busy lifestyle are insufficient with healthy and high antioxidant foods. Our concern is to develop clean and safe water, at the same time, it is enhancing high antioxidant to protect our body cell from damage, enhancing essential mineral to improve health and enhancing alkalinity of water to neutralize extra body acid waste, toxic waste and body fat. Nano Spring filter is very compact and very fine mesh for providing best filtration with highest efficiency and the complex water cluster is separated into single water molecule for better body absorption. Two different strengths of alkaline mineral water are generated, which are lower pH 8.5 is for drinking, and higher pH 10.5 is for removing the pesticides from vegetables and fruits.
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